EVP London

New Experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomena
Instrumental Trans-Communication

I began conducting studies into the paranormal back in the 1980's.
I started experimenting with instrumental trans-communication in 2015 and due to successful results I have continued to experiment for nearly three yearsThis has evolved into The Greetings Project.
How to use the site :
  • Click onto the My EVP Recordings page to download samples of the clearest EVP's.
  •  Please check the News and Articles page for all the latest developments
Please also see documents attached here.
  • The first document contains a listing and analysis of all my current anomolous recordings to date and will be regularly updated. 
           Sorry this document is currently being updated.
  • This document is an early report on receiving trans-images - in the form of music album covers on a digital voice recorder from 2015 .

 For all correspondance please email me at;


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